A downtrodden paralegal and a desperate undocumented asylum seeker attempt to transform their lives and beat the system when they embark on a perilous journey towards pregnancy.

Financing stage.  Writer, Michael Normand

Story Overview

A deathbed misunderstanding calls Anwesh Agarwal back to Edison, New Jersey, and compels him into trying to save The Holy Cow - the first Indian restaurant in America.

Script stage.  Writer, Michael Normand

An Irish thriller.  Nothing much happens in the sleepy town of Blindhorn - until mild-mannered garage mechanic Harry Comiskey's life savings disappear.

Script stage.  Writer, Owen O'Neill

This proposed documentary tells the

story of the painstaking race-

against-time efforts in tracing the

whereabouts of 130 English oak trees –

presented as saplings to gold medallists

at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. 


Each oak has a story behind it - some are

unsettling, some inspiring.  Opinion is

divided - are they echoes of tyranny, or

symbols that must be saved?

Treatment stage.  Based on the book 'The 1936 Olympic Oaks: Where Are They Now?', by James Ross Constandt

In 1938 hundreds of fleeing Eastern-

European Jews, tricked and conned by the

shipping line, were deposited at the docks

of Glasgow, thinking it was New York, the

destination on their tickets. 


Fly me to Dunoon tells both the true story of

that shameful slice of history; and  traces

the present-day misadventures of a young

American who discovers a family - the

ancestors of that ill-fated voyage - alive and

well in a Scottish seaside town, but with

perilous plans for their long-lost ‘son’.

Script stage.  Writer, Michael Normand