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Michael Normand

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Michael’s most recently produced films are the mini-feature mockumentary BLISTERS FOR BLIGHTY: THE CURIOUS WORLD OF RACE WALKING (Film Nouveau), and the black comedy shot on the streets of Glasgow JOE SMEAL’S WHEELS (Film Nouveau); both of which got noticed on the festival circuit with official selections... "and those life-affirming honourable mentions."


Prior to co-scripting LEON THE PIG FARMER (Beyond Films) in the mid-90s, Glaswegian filmmaker Normand had worked in publishing, written educational dramas for Oxford University Press, been on the stand-up circuit for five years and had written comedy for radio and TV. 


'Leon' was to become a ground-breaking cult comedy achieving critical acclaim both in the U.K. and around the world, while garnering a collection of awards --- International Critics' Prize - Venice Film FestivalChaplin Award - Edinburgh Film FestivalBest Newcomers - Evening StandardBest First Film - London Critics' Circle.


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After 'Leon' Michael wrote, associate-produced and co-directed (with Robert Sherwin) the American comedy DIRTY LAUNDRY, sold internationally through Trident Releasing.    "A delicious comedy" - Glasgow Herald,  "Outrageous and wry... a comedy with some bite" - Time Out, New York.  "Smart, fast and funny" - London Film Festival.  "Transmits a genuine sense of pain, confusion and absurdity" - Time Out, London.

Michael either works on the scripts of others' film projects, or on his own ones... "... either way, it's all about the glorious self-flagellation of re-writing."  He currently has three feature screenplays promisingly itching on his laptop... THE VISA, THE HOLY COW and FLY ME TO DUNOON.

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