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Written, Produced  & Directed by

Michael Normand.


52 & 55 mins.

UK.  2013.

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This film is for the misunderstood in all walks of life... it just happens to be about those who walk... very quickly!


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PTFF 1-75x3 LAURELS Honourable mention 3

In this black-comedy, set against the contrasting geography of Glasgow, can Joe triumph over his demons and disability and wheel himself from one side of the city to the other… even with the help of a blind man!?

Joe Smeal - Ricky Callan

   Davie Bell - Steven McNicoll


  “A simple, uplifting and fun film with strong 

  audience appeal- The Guide

    “Touching and Poignant... it ticks all the boxes”

        - Glasgow Film Festival

A co-production with

Location Pictures.


Produced by Ashton Radcliffe.


Written, Co-Produced & Directed

by Michael Normand.


29 mins.

UK.  2009.

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Developed with

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