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The Holy Cow


When a deathbed misunderstanding leads a corporate foreclosure exec to inherit his father's Indian restaurant, duty and honor compel him to embark on the treacherous journey of trying to save the once-famous but now decrepit Holy Cow.



Indian-American corporate exec Anwesh Agarwal thought he had it all… until he inherits his father’s restaurant, the once famous but now run-down ‘The Holy Cow’. Thanks to a misunderstanding on his father’s deathbed, Anwesh is compelled to return to New Jersey’s Little India and embark on the impossible task of restoring the crumbling curry house to its former glory… a journey that sees him turn his back on Wall Street’s corporate America, honour his father’s legacy and reconnect with his past & present.

Chef's Recommendations

  • We know films and TV shows about food work. To all humans, food is primal, and due to this there’s always a market. With THE HOLY COW we can almost smell the food at times. A similar film THE HUNDRED FOOT JOURNEY attracted a stellar cast and crew and was a box office hit. - The Griffin Consultancy

  • ‘The Holy Cow’ can find itself on the next level of family drama, with the likes of Nicole Holofcener films, Noah Baumbauch, or any films that give a slice of life and explore how a few small characters make important changes in their lives. - The Script Lab


  • There’s a compelling Indian-American angle to this story... this low-concept yet sneakily original idea could make for a refreshingly authentic film. - Slated

  • This script has the elements of what could be a fascinating light drama about a man who inherits his father's failing restaurant and struggles to save his immigrant family's legacy - even if the audience doesn’t know its Paneer from its Pakoras.  WeScreenplay

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  There’s clearly an audience for this film - stories centered on cooking are having a moment right now, and there’s an equal or greater hunger for stories that center the experiences of diverse characters.  The Black List

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